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Dear Distant Horizon Visitors:

Well, you’ve found us! This Directory and Search Assistant is curated to give World Wide Web Users the option of viewing the Web from a more local perspective. I have always been amazed at how many interesting places and businesses there are right under our noses! There are very well known search engines and social networks – yet I feel something is missing. Since 1997 I have believed that the web can be both Local and World-Wide at the same time.

You will notice there is also a heavy focus on the “Get Help!” section in each town. It is my hope that the information provided here will help those of you that are struggling with issues of our humanity: mental health, addictions, loneliness and self-image. My own family has been deeply affected by these issues for generations – so anything I can do to help you and your family will give me great satisfaction.

Every business gets a free basic listing on the Distant Horizon Directory, but there is a tremendous suite of options here if you need more exposure for your business. You can e-mail us at ______ to find out more about advertising options on our 200,000 page web site.


Brandon Wilson


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