For years Distant Horizon has noticed that many successful small and mid-sized businesses function without an actual marketing person or staff. While this is financially efficient from a cost perspective, it essentially puts another hat on the owner of the business, forcing them to spend tons of their time on redoing a catalog, hiring out a web site project or doing a direct mail piece. What is not discussed very much is how much marketing just "never gets done" under this otherwise efficient setup. Modern marketing includes internal marketing/positioning (through a corporate intranet) and ongoing "social" efforts such as Facebook and LinkedIn --- not to mention complicated technology marketing like CRM setup, marketing automation and e-mail marketing. Without a marketing staff, much of this goes undone for years on end.

Distant Horizon gradually evolved a flat-fee program by which businesses can use the Distant Horizon Chicago and Offshore staff as their own "marketing department" – we help you prioritize and pace your spending and time commitments so that constant forward progress is being made, while not putting the business in a position where it is simultaneously digesting a big new salary of a marketing person and the cost of all their ideas and projects! Because let's face it, marketing people sit around and think up ways to spend money!

The Virtual Marketing Director program includes:

  • Assistance with CRM strategy, list building and e-mail blasts
  • Assistance with lead purchasing such as We then use this as a seed list for CRM and e-mail marketing
  • Evaluation of marketing opportunities, including non-technology traditional advertising such as printed materials, direct mail, billboards, radio, trade shows etc.
  • Design of print/PDF catalogs, folders and sell sheets
  • Two half-days per month on-site to keep forward momentum going by addressing any issues, pursuing strategic objectives, analytics review, social media planning, development and talking to or meeting with third party vendors - always focusing on what appears to be top priorities.
  • Technical assistance with Web Site or Content Management System via phone and e-mail
  • Day to day maintenance that you cannot find time to do yourself, such as posting news or specials to the web site.
  • Posting articles to Facebook
  • Maintaining Google Adwords Account
  • Google Analytics Reports sent monthly via e-mail
  • Web site redesigns/platform updates as needed; minor programming projects
  • This packaging is inclusive of your monthly hosting and e-mail fees – your current hosting invoice is replaced with this package.

This program is perfect for companies on verge of considering adding a web marketing person, an opportunity to try out a more serious strategy without full time employee expense. Billed monthly or quarterly. Annual commitment.