No one ever talks about it, but a lot of successful companies do not have marketing departments. Instead, the business owner and other employees step up to the plate when a trade show, catalog or brochure comes up. If the businesses were not successful, you would say that this is a poor approach – but it has historically worked for them.

That said, twenty years of technological changes in the way businesses are marketed has resulted in a wave going over the head of most business management teams. Remarketing? Retargeting? Analytics? What???? Marketing has become less effective and more diverse than ever before. It’s downright tricky to make good decisions and measure success.

In 2016 we started to see that business owners have no desire to add to their headcount for marketing because they don’t know how to manage marketers, designers and web developers. Further, they instinctively know that marketing costs money – and as soon as you put a full-time marketer in place, they are essentially going to come up with ways to spend your money full-time. Dangerous!

Distant Horizon’s latest “product” isn’t a product really…it’s a monthly “program” by which a business pays a fat monthly fee, and becomes your full marketing department. Giving you access to:

  • Marketing Strategy, Tactics and Project Management
  • In-Person Consultations with a Marketing Expert As Needed
  • Our 24/7 Global Web Development Team (PHP, MySQL, WordPress, ASP.NET, SQL Server)
  • Our Web Hosting Infrastructure and Network Administrator
  • Our High-End Graphic Designers for Print and Web
  • Ad Buying, Including Print, Radio, Trade Shows
  • Remarketing/Re-targeting
  • E-Commerce Consulting
  • E-mail Marketing
  • CRM
  • Google Ads / Google Analytics
  • Trade Show Planning

Contact Distant Horizon today to figure out how you can have access to all this, for less of an annual cost than a single marketing employee!!