The Distant Horizon Team

I founded in an apartment in LaGrange Park, IL in 1999, and since then, we have delivered approximately $15,000,000 in professional services to hundreds of successful businesses throughout the Midwest.  We've been in business long enough to tell you of some very good times and some very bad times. But after the dust settles, you realize that the true legacy of a business is not just the value it adds for clients, but the experience and livelihood provided for the people that work there.  I truly believe that the high expectations and kindness we practice at Distant Horizon has made a difference in the lives of our team members, and I am so proud that over 60 alumni of Distant Horizon have gone on to have impressive careers and happy lives. Below you will see our current team, our most global and one of our largest groups yet.  I hire not for a skill per se, but for a strong personal desire to get things right.  With that as our culture, I can hire people from anywhere on Earth, and as you can see, I do.  - Brandon Wilson

USA Team Founder Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson
Your Virtual Marketing Director

Strategy, Management
(21 Years with Distant Horizon)

Art Wilson

Art Wilson
Brandon's Dad

(19 Years with Distant Horizon)

Chris Cato

Chris Cato
Technical Director

Management, Server Administration (20 Years with Distant Horizon)

Katie Multon

Katie Multon
Project Management/Graphic Design

Client Account Manager

Europe Team

Neilas Montvilas

Neilas Montvilas

Graphic Design; Creative Direction

India Team

Chennai, India

Senior Web Application Developer - PHP/MySQL
(PSDM1 Team Lead)

Dindigul, India

Senior Web Application Developer PHP/MySQL

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Data Entry & Research Team

Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu

Data Entry & Research Team

Satya Swarup

Satya Swarup
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Google Application Specialist
(Analytics, Ads, Tag Manager, Merchant Center)

South America Team

Veronica Orta
El Tigre, Anzoategui, Venezuela

CRM and E-mail Marketing Specialist