There are long-term trends in the internet business, such as increased adoption of e-commerce and the steady march toward mobile devices. And then there are the temporary fads, such as frames, Flash Intros, pop-up windows, Real-time chat, Groupon and Twitter.

Right now I am riding out two other less obvious fads, which I hope are not trends:

The idea that content management "self-maintainability" is no longer important and,

The related notion that web sites need to be redeveloped almost annually as companies grow tired of their web developer and decide it is easier to re-do the whole thing than wait for some hacker to make the requested changes.

To say these two notions took me by surprise is an understatement. We had spent 2004 through 2008 perfecting the idea of the "self-service" web site. Our sites had scalable navigational structures, search engine friendly coding and easy-to-use Admins that were both easy to learn and powerful to use. We had clients maintaining 400 and 500 page web sites with a half-hour tutorial!

The Great Recession drove people en masse to free and open source tools, such as WordPress and Drupal which are actually much better for web developers than they are for web site owners. If you have a web site that absolutely must be driven by an intelligent content management system, Distant Horizon is probably the right vendor for you. We're passionate about self-maintainability. We understand the building blocks of web site development in a way that confounds most people that call themselves web designers. We'll talk to you about the important distinction between what you want and what you need: the difference between what you think you and your staff will do versus what we've seen hundreds of businesses actually do.


We are a full-service agency and we can provide virtually any service on an hourly basis; however, we are strongly oriented toward teaching you how to stay in control of your own web strategy. If we are going to set you up with recurring charges, we will explain to you the likely duration of the commitment, and the export and continuity issues associated with cloud-based and subscription services.


We can take over any web site using any system. We can redevelop the existing look of your web site in a different CMS. We can layer in marketing automation and CRM tools into any existing site. If you've chosen a system before you found us, we can help you implement it.


If you only need to control three pages on your web site, sometimes it is better to tailor your content management to just those pages. If you are planning on doubling or tripling the content on your web site and keeping the same web site infrastructure for five years, you will probably want to have a full-featured content management system.


Let's start by sitting down together and going through your existing web site. We can talk about your plans for the future and what roles your web site serves for your business. We can be very helpful in balancing integrated marketing, marketing automation, CRM, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and web site analytics. We'll put a great plan together, and then we'll execute the plan as quickly as possible so you can begin benefitting from it!

Our projects include:

  • Taking over your existing CMS or installing a new one
  • Implementing self-maintainability in accordance with your needs
  • Designing and programming any design elements or application features you desire
  • Blending your CMS with marketing automation and CRM features