Distant Horizon specializes in E-Commerce or "shopping cart" style web sites. With over 250,000 SKUs for sale online and tens of millions of dollars of orders successfully processed on our web sites you can be confident that issues like ease-of-maintenance, search engine optimization, payment processing, shipping calculations and security are our primary reason for being in business.

Proven Features

A fully customizable system combining all the best features of our most successful custom e-commerce web sites; designed for catalogs, retail stores, wholesalers, and distributors.

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Fully Scalable

Whatever your e-commerce starting point, we provide a solution with a clear upgrade path built in to accommodate the growth of your business.

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Custom E-Commerce

If you have needs that go beyond the behavior of a typical shopping cart, we can customize an e-commerce site to handle your specific business transactions.

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After building dozens of custom e-commerce web sites over a six year period, Distant Horizon reflected back on what our successful sites had in common. We then took the "greatest hits" of all past functionality and implemented it into our flagship e-commerce product. We know that the best way to serve internet customers is with a comprehensive web site that offers meaningful product descriptions, product photography, and listed features and benefits in a well-organized, searchable online catalog. It is designed to be self-maintainable, fully customizable, search engine optimized and very simple to use for your customer. With over 250,000 SKUs for sale online, we love to work with companies with thousands of products that are currently trapped in a back-end system. If you are succeeding in your local market, and your products are shippable, you will succeed on the web. Period.

Each Distant Horizon E-commerce site includes:

  • A custom graphic design within a tried-and-true e-commerce page layout
  • Plenty of space for your corporate information
  • A clear HTML path for search engine spiders
  • Clear Category, Subcategory, Product and SKU navigation
  • A branding message that carries across every page of the site
  • A fully self-maintainable product catalog
  • Unlimited customization potential
  • Your new site can be live in 30 days or less

Apparel Cart

Apparel Cart

Also known as the "pull down menu" version shopping cart, the Apparel Cart is used in situations where a single product has color, size and other attributes which can affect price and/or shipping weight. Our system allows for an unlimited number of attributes, and allows for product complexity that goes well beyond color and size combinations.

Catalog Site

Catalog Site

With all the same powerful listing features as our standard e-commerce site, the catalog site allows businesses to maintain an online presence without offering a shopping cart. Thanks to our built-in scalability, you can begin with a catalog site and activate the cart at any time in the future.

E-commerce for Wholesalers

E-commerce for Wholesalers

At Distant Horizon most of our customers are wholesale supply companies, so we know that wholesalers need unique features. On our wholesale e-commerce sites, we include a "rapid reorder" function for customers, new account approval interface, optional password protected pricing, and optional contract pricing per login.


Okay, so you have a small business or retail store that sells products that are suitable for selling online, but you can't seem to find an affordable shopping cart web site solution.

At Distant Horizon, our small business track record goes back to 1999. But in the intervening years we have become skilled enough to work for multi-national corporations and wholesale supply companies with tens of thousands of products for sale online. With our "big business" capabilities and small business understanding, we'll develop a system designed to work for you.

Our flagship e-commerce solution covers everything you need to get started, but as your business grows you may need to incorporate additional functionality. We've got that covered, too. Our system is fully scalable, with room to include deeper levels of product categorization, multiple product views, shipping calculators, and more. Since we've ensured a clear upgrade path, you don't have to worry about hitting any brick walls on your journey.


If you have a transactional web site concept that can be accomplished using web pages, databases and tools such as APIs, XML, COM Objects, Services, JAVA, SOAP, AJAX etc. ... if you can explain it, we can either do it or know someone who can.

Often clients come to us with a transaction concept which is not that difficult to understand and yet is totally inappropriate for the traditional "shopping cart" system. We have extensive experience with this type of project and frequently during a free consultation we can make observations or refinements to your concept to make it more cost effective or more stable as an application.