Distant Horizon has designed over 200 web sites for businesses including sole proprietorships; retailers; supply companies; medical practices; restaurant chains; non-profit groups; schools; publicly traded firms and multi-national manufacturing conglomerates. We fear no web site.

Our approach to web site development is much more akin to working with a general contracting firm than with some wacky graphic designer or computer geek. You have objectives for your web site: features or results that you will demand it performs when it is done. We, in turn, have a huge arsenal of tools and past work that we can draw from to make sure your web site is planned to accomplish these objectives.

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We approach the design process from the eyes of a business owner. You have specific goals in mind, and we have the tools to make that happen. Each project is treated with the same care and attention to detail, regardless of the size or type of your business, from small startups to multi-building school districts.


We meet with you to discuss your web site strategy. Our experience plus your vision equals a concept that is both intuitive and productive.


Our designers and programmers work together, using the tools at our disposal as well as 15+ years of experience, to develop your site.


We specialize in web site turnaround, and we like to go live. Within thirty days your project can be generating hits -- and business.


We have a huge arsenal of skills to make your web site both beautiful and functional. These are just some of our design team's most popular and most-requested capabilities.

Web Site Planning

Strategic site mapping ensures your content is easy to navigate and intuitive for the end user.

Graphic & Logo Design

Experienced graphic designers create a professional look & feel. No logo? Our team can create one.

Digital & Stock Photography

Take unique photos for your site, or choose from thousands of stock photographs.

Streaming Video & Audio

Embed video on your site from YouTube or Vimeo, or integrate the CSS3 local video player.

Mobile Design

Functionality and clarity of design are preserved when viewed from a mobile device.

Response & Inquiry Forms

Get feedback from your audience and allow clients to submit project inquiries with interactive forms.

Photo Retouching

We can digitally edit the images that you provide for color, clarity, size, and content.

Social Media Design

We can create unified branding across your website, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Self-Maintainable Content

Our easy to use Content Management System allows you to make changes to your site.