Directory Development for Web Applications

Local businesses find Google advertising fees to be crushing.  Our approach creates a fast and easy way to truly shop and dine locally.   And since we are search engine optimization experts, we build directories that will get attention -- and without pay per click charges. The reasons we think towns would be interested in sponsoring such a directory are as follows:

  • To coincide with Revitalization efforts

  • To promote ALL business in the town, not just chamber of commerce members

  • To cultivate a high-end “lifestyle” associated with the town, to attract more and better businesses and enhance home values

  • To counter the negative effects of COVID on restaurants and other small family-owned businesses.

We are currently building a directory for Hinsdale, IL.  You can see some preliminary imagery for that directory below. We believe municipalities themselves are the best sponsors of this type of directory, although it would certainly be easier for us to get fees from local realtors or mortgage brokers etc.   When a municipality is the sponsor, the directory is not advertiser-sponsored, and aesthetically, it looks truly beautiful and organized and simple.