Both intranets and extranets have been proven to improve employee productivity, daily efficiency, and build a company culture focused on collaboration and getting stuff done.

Distant Horizon offers a flat fee "starter intranet" for clients seeking to empower their staff to share information online so that it is accessible not only within the business, but anywhere the employees might be when they need the information via a password protected web site (business trips, client sites, at home).

For businesses that need to share password protected content with select clients, vendors, or other authorized parties, we also provide extranet software functionality.


Secure communication

Password protection keeps internal communication secure

HR information

Share staff contacts, benefits and insurance information

Document Sharing

24/7 access to manuals, projects, and other documents

Synchronized Calendars

Update projects and deadlines in real time

File Sharing

Make project files available to all or select users

Easy collaboration

Users can share files and discuss projects easily

Time Tracking

Submit and track billable hours per client

Remote access

Out of office staff members remain just as connected

Internal newsletters

Share news and updates with employees and clients

Company Intranet

Company Intranet

Facilitates communication and collaboration among users within the company network. Intranet isn't just for big corporations -- even small businesses benefit from increased connectivity among employees, ensuring greater productivity and fostering a healthy company culture.

Company Extranet

Company Extranet

Grants permissions to offsite users, and allows them to access documents, services, and communications. Extranet capability provides remote, password protected access regardless of the user's location, so it is ideal for school districts, private schools, and businesses which communicate with vendors and clients remotely.